Rural lifestyle
Experience engages customers

We understand the challenges, and the fun, of building customer relationships within this highly fragmented category. We help brands successfully reach and engage niche audiences with a singular, focused strategy. We simplify the complex and technical into relevant, compelling messages for intended targets, from hobby farms and horse farms to outdoor enthusiasts and rural homeowners. Total immersion. That’s how we’ve worked with clients since our early beginnings in agriculture marketing and how we continue today.

Rural lifestyle sub-categories include: 

Rural lifestyle clients we have served

Amdro | Client and Brand Served
Case IH Agriculture | Client and Brand Served
Central Garden & Pet | Client and Brand Served
Evolve BioSystems | Client and Brand Served
GastroGard Omeprazole | Client and Brand Served
FS Growmark | Client and Brand Served
Merial | Client and Brand Served
Moss Out | Client and Brand Served
Over 'n Out! Fire Ant Killer | Client and Brand Served
Pfizer | Client and Brand Served
RDI logo - Responsive Drip Irrigation
Garden Tech Sevin Bug Killer | Client and Brand Served
UlcerGard Omeprazole | Client and Brand Served
WFE White Farm Equipment | Client and Brand Served
Zimecterin | Client and Brand Served

Rural lifestyle snapshot

A rural lifestyle is more than where you live or the activities you pursue. It’s a mindset, a connection to the land. Excluding the farmers and ranchers who earn their living from the land, we place rural lifestylers in 6 key segments:

  • Grows, sometimes sells produce for pleasure
  • Owns pets
  • Keeps livestock for show or even sale
  • Compact tractor is their pride and joy
  • Handles most property maintenance
  • Grew up in a small town and now raises family there
  • Connected to the community
  • Has access to land and recreation
  • Works and buys local, but loves mail order too
  • Turns to locals to rescue DIY projects
  • Commutes to the city from country/small town
  • Spends free time on their land
  • Proudly cares for their land and keeps it pest free
  • Buys lots of recreational "toys"
  • Enjoys learning to be their own handyman
  • Local greenhouse and hardware store "toys" are a guilty pleasure
  • Comfortable with weekends in the city
  • Social activities, vacations, leisure and hobbies revolve around the outdoors
  • 4WD SUV, UTV and trailer all get ample use
  • Has outdoor gear for all occasions
  • May not live in the country, but into outdoor recreation
  • Lives to hunt, fish, camp, ride, hike, etc
  • Can't pass up outdoorsy mega stores
  • Learns about new outdoor equipment online
  • Owns everyday AND dress camo
  • Horses are their lifestyle and possible source of income
  • Spends a lot of time in tack shop, feed and tractor supply stores
  • Looking for 4-wheeled vehicles for their 4-legged friends
  • Always paddocks to be groomed, fences to be fixed and hay to be hauled

Need help finding a path to Rural Lifestyle marketing success? Contact our Business Development Director, Gino Tomaro.