FS Content Marketing
Driving customer engagement through an optimized content program


GROWMARK FS positions itself as a trusted advisor to farmers, providing expertise throughout the year to help farmers meet their ROI goals. In today’s ag market, it is critical to continuously deliver on this promise and be available to farmers when they need counsel. Digital content marketing provides the ideal platform for FS to stay in front of farmers with FS expertise, deliver on the brand position, Bringing You What’s Next, and ultimately connect farmers with their local FS specialist.


Going into its 6th year, R+K targets row crop farmers with valuable content to successfully build their business from diverse FS experts across agronomy, crop nutrients, crop protection, seed, grain storage and marketing and energy. By continually honing the channel mix, we identify and implement efficiencies to find and engage the most interested audiences, and ultimately encouraging them to click through to fssystem.com website where they can find more expertise and their local specialist.   


  • The content marketing program accounted for 42% of all site sessions.

  • Content videos viewed in full over 55,000 times, 20.2% view rate, on YouTube.

  • Increased social CTRs between 25% and 75%.
of all site sessions

YouTube view rate



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