Raises the bar in the fungicide category


Bayer was looking to rejuvenate and grow the fungicide category. With limited differentiation or new products, the category had become stagnant. So, Bayer decided to stand out with the launch of Delaro, a new, premium fungicide. The challenge was to connect the premium fungicide with progressive growers interested in new product offerings, but who might not have fungicide-use top of mind.


Through in-depth positioning research, R+K uncovered growers always strive to do their best and believe Delaro is a tool to help them achieve their goals. The “Personal Best” positioning was brought to life with the “Raise the Bar” omni-channel idea.


The omni-channel plan achieved 19% YOY sales growth for the Bayer corn and soy fungicide category, exceeding growth goals of 11%. In addition, a new premium target was reached without cannibalizing other Bayer fungicides.

YOY category sales growth in 2018

Exceeded growth goals by:



Delaro “Raising the Bar” 30-second radio ad