Bayer Delaro Complete
Strategically positioning a new brand


Bayer Crop Science was preparing to introduce a new, competitively priced premium fungicide called Delaro Complete to lead its portfolio. Audience research confirmed Midwest corn and soybean farmers knew that premium fungicides performed better than low and mid-tier options, but they had a hard time determining how they’re different or “better.” R+K partnered with Bayer to embark on creative positioning to help the new brand excel in a crowded marketplace.


R+K partnered with GSi on positioning research and, understanding that farmers must make a choice with limited data and unpredictability, arrived at the strategic positioning “Takes Out the Guesswork,” which testing confirmed was emotionally compelling and resonated extremely well with premium fungicide users. Using GCI, we created a dramatic, finely tuned operation where everything works together at the hand of a smart and discretionary precision grower. This panoramic POV rooted our “Precision” campaign and served as a foundation for a variety of media uses including TV, pre-roll, print, social, experiential, digital and collateral.


Our cohesive brand experience inspired brand recognition at all touchpoints and fueled a successful product launch in November 2020. Though sales data won’t be available until March 2022, sales feedback is very positive for DelaroComplete and its legacy brand, Delaro.


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