R+K Recharge 2018

R+K gets recharged

Breaking down the best of R+K’s Recharge Day

With spirit and enthusiasm, the second annual Rhea + Kaiser Recharge Day came to fruition, to integrate trends in the marketing industry with thought leadership, professional development and teamwork.  The day was an opportunity for each R+K employee to take their own journey on the company’s brand-based Pathfinding mission, and carve their path of new skill-building, goal-setting and becoming a leader in their field.  Following a welcoming session from R+K President and CEO, Diane Martin; Senior Vice President and Executive Director, Jeff Walter, addressed the organization on the importance of Pathfinding and how that factors into the R+K approach to strategic brand planning and communications.

Allison Saegebrect, executive media director and head of media services, launched the first of two morning general sessions, detailing What’s Next in Digital. The session focused on using strategic planning to solve digital challenges with clients. It functioned as a work period, to navigate current actionable insights and formulate a perspective on digital trends.

 “The day was really valuable and forces everyone to step out of their comfort zone and flex their muscles in a different way,” said Saegebrecht.

Elizabeth Smith, senior account supervisor, and Dawn Smith, principal writer and editor, took on the remaining morning general session with their seminar on What is Content Marketing? Featuring some of marketing’s finest examples of content, including Gillette’s “Go Ask Dad” 2017 Father’s Day ad campaign, the two took a deeper dive into what makes content engaging and how R+K has done content well.

Putting it together and making it count

The post-lunch panel From Data to Insights, brought a new perspective on…perspective, the kind that determined the difference between numerical and statistical information and seeking beyond the data to find reasoning. The panel was facilitated by Diane Martin and joined by Dustin Gerdes, manager of analytics and customer engagement; Megan Henry, senior brand strategist; Michael Hurt, media activation director; and Amy McEvoy, account director – public relations and public relations director. In addition to delivering an understanding of how data functions in the marketing and PR environment, the panel wrapped up with a comparison on how qualitative and quantitative research integrates with data and insight, further enhancing the scope of what we do as marketers and how behavior and human opinion are integral to our industry.

Recharge 2018 presenters

Presenters Kelsey Hart and Pete Hlavach

The afternoon sessions included topics ranging from advertising within the context of social media in The Purpose of this Social Media Channel Is… presented by Kelsey Hart, account supervisor, and Pete Hlavach, digital strategist; to understanding brand architecture in Are You a Branded House or a House of Brands, presented by Megan Henry and Marth Porter Fiszer, senior vice president and executive creative director. Also included was a session on Trends in Customer Expectations by Grant Cassiday, associate media director, with special guests Scott Mortimer and Sarah Miller, from Meredith Publishing; and 8 Strategic Questions, featuring the most strategic questions to ask in client meetings, by Jack Vos, vice president and creative director, and Erin Skly, vice president and group account director.  With a combination of creativity and innovation, each session brought life to the lessons and kept the audience engaged with thought-provoking activities.

Why it matters

Sarah Sikorski, digital media planner/buyer summed it up best, “Recharge day was refreshing. I enjoyed learning with all of my coworkers and also doing fun, yet productive activities with people I don’t work with a lot. I felt like everyone worked well together as a team.”

Rhea + Kaiser takes pride in generating professional development opportunities and education throughout the year. This annual event encourages employees to work together, facilitating teamwork, engagement, and a more cohesive and productive environment.


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