R+K new executive management

R+K announces changes in executive management

New roles effective August 1

Rhea + Kaiser announced today new executive management positions that will go into effect on August 1.

Diane Martin, who has been with R+K for more than 30 years and president/CEO since 2010, is stepping into the newly created role of Chief Strategy Officer.

“Earlier this year, we announced we are restructuring Rhea + Kaiser to better meet the needs of our clients and to give our staff more opportunities,” Martin said. “Looking at how everything works, including executive management, is part of that restructuring. This is a natural evolution for the agency, and one we’re very excited to implement.”

Effective August 1:

Diane Martin President/CEO at Rhea+Kaiser

As Chief Strategy Officer, Martin will assist executive management with client, prospective client and agency strategy. This includes formalizing the agency’s communications planning processes, evaluating strategic planning tools and identifying resources.

Stephanie Heusuk Chief Operating Officer at Rhea+Kaiser

Current Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Heusuk will take on the responsibility of Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the long-range planning and sustainability of the agency. A 22-year R+K veteran, Heusuk started at R+K in account management, leading healthcare and commercial banking accounts. She has been Chief Operating Officer since 2010.

Jeff Walter Executive Director of Account Management and Planning at Rhea+Kaiser

Jeff Walter will move into the newly created role of President/Chief Integration Officer. Currently the SVP/Executive Director of agency management and planning, Walter’s new role will include ensuring integrated teams and integrated services across all agency business.

Angel Kelpsas

Angel Kelpsas, current Director of Finance, will become the Chief Financial officer. In addition to financial management, Kelpsas’ responsibilities will include oversight of compliance with government regulations, human resources, business technology and facilities management.

Steve Rhea, owner and co-founder of Rhea + Kaiser, will remain as Chairman of the Board.

“I’m excited to see the continued evolution of Rhea + Kaiser and I think we have a bright future,” Rhea said. “We repeatedly hear companies say they need agencies to be more nimble and flexible while still delivering smart, integrated solutions. This restructure helps us deliver just that kind of practice for clients.”

Martin added that this change will be a shift for her outside of the office, too.

“Personally, this opportunity also lets me focus on areas of most interest to me. In the office, that’s strategy. Outside of the office, it’s a chance to spend more time with my husband and grandchildren. They have always been patient with me, but especially over the last nine years.” Martin said. “I might be stepping down from my role at Rhea + Kaiser, but I’m definitely not stepping out of R+K.”


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