Owned Media

Customer-centric Creative Fuels P-O-E Executions

Crash course in customer-driven owned media philosophy

Great creative is powerful. A well-made ad can make you laugh, or cry or get out your wallet and hand over your hard earned cash. But before that can happen there has to be an idea. And that idea must stem from an insight, rooted in a truth experienced by the customer – that’s where the tension and the interest lie.

When we realigned our departments by Paid, Owned and Earned channels (P-O-E), it was with the goal of putting the customer first. So, what does that mean exactly? It’s simple. Everything we do from planning to concepting to creative execution, is with our client’s customers in mind.

Last month we explained how this focus comes to life through paid media planning. Today, we’re giving you a crash course in how our Owned philosophy reflects our customer-first approach. At R+K, Owned comprises owned channels – such as blogs, social media, and branded materials, but also the creative concepts the fuel them.

P-O-E helps us to uncover insights and truths by encouraging cross-function collaboration throughout the entire process. Our creatives are included from the beginning so we can utilize their most valuable skill – solving problems with engaging solutions. After all, to reach our client’s customers we have to first grab their attention. Otherwise, the strategy, no matter how spot-on, won’t have a chance to make an impact.  

It’s why we strive to develop big ideas born from insights that work in service of the client’s customers and business goals. Then we go to work making sure those ideas can be executed across a variety of channels. This transforms ideas into deliverables such as a video, website or print ad our clients’ customers can engage with.

When each deliverable – no matter how small – is executed with the customer insight in mind, we’re able to reach the customer with relevant messages that capture their attention wherever we meet them. Creative campaigns have greater impact and resonance, and we’re able to make the most of every customer engagement.  

Stay tuned for our fourth and final post about this P-O-E approach. This time, we will walk you through how it is reflected in our Earned Media department.


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