Capturing pet tech on Instagram

8 tips to optimize your pet marketing on IG

If you’re a pet parent on Instagram (IG), you’ve undoubtedly seen the pages @dogsofinstagram, @cats_of_instagram, @thedogist or @cats_of_world. But, did you know that up to 80 percent of Instagram users engage with brands on the platform, in addition to connecting and bonding over their furry friends? It also means that as a mobile tool, it’s easier than ever for brands to catch the eye of consumers, offering up stiff competition for their products.

So how do brands and brand marketers within the pet tech industry make their products not only stand out, but stand a chance of being purchased on Instagram? Below are 8 tips to maximize your IG participation and take your brand to the next level.

1. Engage with a pet influencer
There are pet influencers, in terms of the cute pets on IG with the most followers (think in the millions), and there are pet influencers that know the pet tech market. We recommend finding a pet tech influencer who can safely and successfully demonstrate your product with a pet. Be advised, you will likely need to give samples of your product to these influencers, however depending on their followers, this can be a very good marketing investment.

2. Demonstrate the product – in real life and slow motion
Seeing a product in the package does little to sell it. Seeing how it works on an animal and in use for a pet parent can make or break a sale. Put the action into slow motion, if possible, to give the viewer a better idea of how the product works and to demonstrate that it’s user-friendly.

3. Animation as an alternative to photography
To show a product, service or technology that may be sensitive to some viewers, such as a microchip, shock collar or bowel-related products, animation and illustration offer a nice alternative to photography or video. Similarly, technology that appears overly complicated can benefit from these practices, which can simplify and educate better in real time. @thelitterrobot  demonstrates this very nicely.

4. Graphs and charts to provide comparisons
Comparisons are a valuable tool for purchasing decisions by showing how one technology is more advanced, improved or simply stands out over another. Graphs and charts can colorfully illustrate these statistics, as well as show trends and generate interest in ways that words cannot. @GetFindster uses emojis and mini quizzes to make IG a fun and informative destination for their GPS trackers.

5. Craft professional images
This is perhaps the piece de resistance of Instagram: the image used must display the product itself and how it works on a pet. This applies even if the IG feed is intended for purchases, because this is what keeps viewers and followers engaged with your brand. If you show cute puppies, fluffy cats and mysterious lizards that are well-compositioned, in focus and in proper lighting, you are more likely to keep followers than if your images are poorly lit, out of focus and irrelevant to the subject.

6. Tap into IG Stories to see how the technology works
Instagram Stories have limited use for brands, as they expire after 24 hours. Within those 24 hours, they can offer a limited behind-the-scenes look at how something is crafted or a technology-in-action, since it is a video service provided by Instagram. The video is capped at 15 seconds.

7. Engagement and cross-pollination on multiple social media channels
IG allows for cross-pollination between Twitter and Facebook, which automatically increases engagement and sales opportunities, if the content on an IG feed is available for purchase. Even if the content is simply to generate engagement, cross-pollination enables multiplication of viewers and opportunities for shares, likes and comments.

8. Insert hashtags and other identifiers
Hashtags allow for viewers and followers to find your brand on social media, as well as through cross-pollination. Similarly, links provided in the bio of an IG feed allow for connecting to other posted content online. When it comes to creating hashtags, consider the function of your technology, as well as your brand and the type of pet your technology is used for.

Instagram can be a highly profitable social media tool, when used to its optimal potential. Take the time to craft smart, professional photography, use it intentionally, and the results will be successful.


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If you would like to have a conversation around tips to effectively market your pet tech product or service, please contact Gino Tomaro, Business Development Director.

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