Pet care
Pedigree brings winning results

Just like our pets, the pet care category holds a special place with us. Over the years, we’ve learned its complexities, studied how the professional and consumer distribution channels work, and stayed on top of trends—all the while focused on successful business results across veterinary and OTC channels.

Pet care sub-categories include: 

Pet care clients we have served

Central Garden & Pet | Client and Brand Served
Evolve BioSystems | Client and Brand Served
GastroGard Omeprazole | Client and Brand Served
Merial | Client and Brand Served
Pfizer | Client and Brand Served
Rhone-Poulenc | Client and Brand Served
UlcerGard Omeprazole | Client and Brand Served
VPL Veterinary Products Laboratories | Client and Brand Served
Zimecterin | Client and Brand Served

What’s happening in pet care

Niche Pets

Sales and care of niche pets are on the rise


Millennials choose pet comforts over checkups


Equine supplements must differentiate due to exponential category growth


Telemedicine is a challenge in veterinary medicine because patients can’t talk


Demographics of pet care parenting are becoming more diverse

For more information about our approach to marketing in the pet care industry, download our R+K Pet Care Credentials or contact Gino Tomaro, Business Development Director.