Interested in joining our team? We want people who are collaborative, free-thinking, curious and brave. Because bravery leads to great ideas—and great ideas inspire us all.
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Sharp. Incisive. Strategic. You know how to make best use of the alphabet in a myriad of media. Yet you think visually. You have four or more years under your belt and you want to learn more and get even better. You're a student of great writing, and not just in advertising and marketing. You think digital is as important as print or TV, and you're wondering why we even mentioned that. You're involved and collaborative with everyone. You're social and not just with media. You want to be a player on an impressive team that's working hard to make inspirational work and bring R+K to the fore. You see huge pluses working in a smaller shop, no matter where it is. You're ready to take the next step in your career and plus up your game. If this is you, enough with the reading. Apply.

Art Director

You have an 'eye' for design, or maybe even two (either is fine by us). You know the difference between art and design. You navigate Adobe software with one hand tied behind your back. You were born with an innate sense of how to bring an idea to life anywhere you can - on rice paper or on the web. You're a student of everything great in a world of great ideas. You're collaborative and social with more than just your media. You're able to make things look better than they should. You can make words readable, and can even write a few yourself. You're OK with a pencil as well as a mouse. Kerning is as much a part of your craft as sketching an idea with that pencil. Your knowledge of edgy tech is impressive. With four or more years under your belt, you may also be keen to stitch together HD video and know what 4K means. You see growing with and learning from other great people a huge plus. If this is you, when can you start?
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