“At R+K, ‘to’ is a little word with a big punch that drives purpose and assures others there is a destination. It’s our goal to make sure brands get there and our job to give ‘to’ direction. We’re passionate, collaborative, straight-shooting people with our sights on success. And we get there with The Power of To.”

Diane Martin, President/CEO


Much of what we do is free-range thinking that crosses disciplines. So a copywriter has a great media idea. A digital strategist nails a headline. A media planner knocks a brand activation out of the park. Integrated problem solving has long been a way of life here. That’s why hard-working integrated ideas are second nature.

Strategy is from whence all our thinking flows. It’s at the core. And we don’t make a move until our cross-disciplinary team, led by our brand strategist, has shaped the strategy and developed an integrated communications plan.

Strategic Planning

The difference maker. The breakthrough. The indelible. Powerful ideas that motivate and change minds for the good. That’s what our award-winning creative people do.


Walk a mile in their shoes. Heck, walk 10 or 20. That’s what great branding is all about. Knowing the customer perhaps even better than they know themselves. Once we have that understanding, we have meaningful engagement.


The media landscape has been put through a blender. But our seasoned media team members are unfazed as they keep their focus on the target. With a strategic approach, they find smart, surprising and cost-effective ways to engage the consumer and deliver the message.


Some might think of direct marketing as one-to-one selling. We view it as tightly targeted communication with a primary goal of getting both immediate response and results. And with data and analytics, we’re able to build better one-to-one relationships.


Every day there’s something new in digital. Our digital strategy team keeps close tabs on it, so we’re ready with business-building ideas and advice for our clients. We also create websites, mobile and tablet apps, display banners and email campaigns, to name a few.


Build excitement and engagement. Capture a bigger piece of the target’s attention and business. Once the strategic objective is set, we open up our vast arsenal of cross-platform promotion tools to create programs that hit the mark.


Whether it’s media relations, public affairs or crisis communications or whether the medium is magazines, broadcast or social media, our award-winning PR team looks past the obvious. They get to the crux of the matter to seamlessly craft solutions.

Public Relations

Great brand storytelling gains even more depth when it crosses many platforms. Our integrated nature has made us adept at digital, film/video and social, as well as the traditional channels of white papers, newsletters, collateral and more.

Content Creation


These are the brands and companies that look to us for new perspectives, fresh thinking and business-building ideas. We couldn’t be prouder to have them as clients.

Our reservoir of experience

The great depth of our collective knowledge is born of the many outstanding brands we’ve worked on in our careers. We draw on this experience every day to do remarkable work for our current clients. Simply sort by industry to see.

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